Contact lenses

Contact lens is a biomedical soft/rigid plastic lens placed on the eye (over the cornea) which is absolutely safe to help you see the world as good as spectacles and in some cases better.

Contact lenses are another excellent option of vision correction which makes you see the world better and the world also sees you as GOD made you to be (not with a spectacle on)

These lenses are available in all powers, spherical /cylindrical and multi-focal. Hence there is NO Reason to say ‘you may not be a suitable candidate for contact lenses. 

Eye color enhancing contact lenses are also available in the limited power range.

Image (coloured cl) 

Did you know that Contact Lenses are also used as corrections for certain eye conditions? We at Shinde Eye Care have a team of “EXPERTS” who are known in India for fitting specialty contact lenses such as

Rose K lenses, specially designed for keratoconus, a condition where the cornea is protruded irregular. This is one condition where the vision with contact lens correction is far better than spectacle-corrected vision. 

Mini scleral and regular scleral lenses also dispensed in advanced cases of keratoconus and some diseased eye condition which causes severe dryness of the eye.

OrthoK lenses: these are special lenses designed to correct myopia in adults and manage the progression of myopia in young growing children.

“If you are facing problems with any type of contact lenses you may reach out to us, we shall try to find a solution to your problem with contact lenses.”

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